STRAPILATES is female-owned and operated by Jaime Rutt, a fully certified pilates instructor with over 20 years of experience. Her days spent training clients in busy studios inspired her to create personal pilates straps for pilates enthusiasts everywhere. 


She noticed that busy studios have a hard time keeping reformer straps fresh and clean for every client and that can be a source of germs. Some studios require socks to reduce the health concerns surrounding bare feet, but sweaty hands can be another issue. This is how STRAPILATES was created, out of necessity.


Then, she took it one step further and made them fashionable. Now you get to choose from an array of colors. You can color match your outfits or match your moods, but the most important thing is that you get to show up to your pilates class without the worry of other people touching your straps!


Be Fashionable. Be Fabulous. Be Healthy.

Jaime Rutt

*To train with me virtually or in-person please visit: www.goodvibesdailyco.com