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Brighten Up Your Workout!


Premium Pilates Straps

Designed by a Pilates instructor for comfort and performance.

Clean and Fresh

Stay healthy by bringing your own straps to your Pilates workout.

1 Strap. 2 Uses.

These loops make the transition from arm work to leg work easy and stress free.

Fun Pilates Fashion

These straps are designed to compliment your favorite pilates outfit.


Comfortable. These Pilates straps are comfortable and they work well. I decided to purchase my own set to take to class, especially since Covid is now in our lives.


I got these for my Pilates Wheel. They make me feel much more like the reformer feel I know and love. Highly recommend. Plus they are pink - how cool is that? :)


Great price and functional straps! I could not figure out how I would use these being that they were just one size and at Club Pilates we use short loops and long loops. These are genius because they have two different metal loops that you can clip on to making them short or long. So smart! Great price and great product!


Amazing! My own pair of straps for the reformer! Great feel & fit- no more gross germs from a previous person:) Love the print too!!


Works with total gym! I Use these instead of the total gym ankle straps. These are much easier to use and put on your feet. Highly recommend.


Just what I needed for my Pilates practice! I have very sensitive skin and the reformer straps at my pilates studio irritate my skin. I also go to my local studio everyday so wanted my own pair (especially with the delta variant, etc). I too was hesitant because there were no reviews at the time of purchase, but I’m happy to say I’m very happy with my purchase! I love the neoprene. The straps are sturdy and extremely comfortable and don’t irritate my skin. I highly recommend and would buy another pair if they came in another color!


I love my Pilates class, but was kind of grossed out by using the straps that other people have put their feet in. This is the perfect solution to my problem.

A.V Rose