Can Pilates Fix Text Neck?

Can Pilates Fix Text Neck?

First, let's take a moment to discuss what "text neck" looks like on the human body. 

"Text neck" is a term that has been used to describe the posture formed by leaning forward for prolonged periods of time, for example when viewing a cellphone while texting. This posture often results in stress injuries and causes shoulder pain, headaches and thoracic hyperkyphosis.

The image below gives you a clear picture of the force the head can have on the spine when it is in various stages of text neck.

what text neck looks like and the poor posture it creates

At this point in the evolution of smart phones, we are all guilty of holding our head in a variation of these positions at some point throughout our day but if this type of posture goes unnoticed, it can become a problem. 

This is where pilates can help. Pilates will help with your overall body awareness and the exercises that strengthen your posture will prevent common injuries related to text neck.

For example, pilates teaches you the importance of moving through life with your core supporting your spine along with finding good form and posture throughout your day. The body awareness you gain from a pilates lesson will help you to be mindful of your posture. The more aware you are, the less chance you will fall into bad habits while texting.

So, if you are a constant "texter," it is safe to say you are in need of a pilates class!

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