Is Your Work From Home Setup Affecting Your Health?

Is Your Work From Home Setup Affecting Your Health?

As the WFH trend remains in place, it is important to assess your work space and habits to make sure your body is not being affected by a home office setup that is not ideal for your body.

Step 1: Don't work from your couch.

Designate a place in your home specifically for your home office. It is important to try to separate your space between business and personal.

Step 2: Make sure your workspace is ergonomically correct.

Your computer monitor should be eye level, your keyboard should be located just below your elbow height, and you should be able to maintain good posture while working.

Step 3: Make sure you move your body throughout your workday.

Take breaks! Make sure you stand up and move around during your workday to promote blood flow and circulation in your body.

Step 4: Schedule time for socializing.

Since you will be home and not in the office, make sure you don't miss out on the built-in social benefits of being in an office. Get out and mingle, whether at a local gym class or scheduling time with your friends.

Step 5: Get outside once a day.

It is easy to go from your workday to your evening without ever leaving your house. Plan to get outside at least once a day. Take a walk, make a trip to the store, or meet friends for a meal. A change of scenery is healthy for your mindset.


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