Managing Chit-Chat During Your Pilates Session

Managing Chit-Chat During Your Pilates Session

If you've spent a decent amount of time in a busy pilates studio, you know that the energy can be high and sometimes the number of personal conversations going on at one time can be distracting to your session.

pilates chit chat during your session

So the big question is how much chit-chat is too much?

In my opinion, talk all day, every day, about pilates related topics. Things such as injury, body alignment, health concerns and so on, are important and need to be worked through, in some cases, by talking them out. You need to have those conversations.  

The time when conversations can get distracting in a studio are when they turn to personal stories, gossip, and things that are possibly controversial in the world. These are the things that can pull the focus away from the task at hand, pilates!

(Ask yourself: Is this better to discuss with a friend over a morning coffee or at happy hour instead of during your pilates session.)

This advice is not because your pilates instructor doesn't care about your life or the state of the world. It's because they want you to get the most out of your hour long pilates session. This time is meant for you to focus on your breathing, your body alignment, your ab connection, and most important, to focus on you. Your hour of pilates is a time to quiet the noise of your day and get connected to what is going on in your body.

Don't cheat your self out of a beautiful hour of pilates to talk about the latest episode of your favorite reality show. Instead, focus on your breath and the amazing strength you are gaining during your session. Put all your focus on pilates and you!

Do Pilates. Feel better.



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