Return Back To Your Pilates Class Safely

How to change your pilates straps for class

As Pilates studios start to open up again, it is important to keep yourself healthy as you return to your favorite pilates class. Before you head back to your studio, call or visit their website to find out their updated policies and procedures. 

Here are some things the you can expect from your local studio:

Smaller Class Sizes

Studios might have limited the space available due to state guidelines so classes may fill up quicker than usual. Be patient and plan ahead. For example, if your studio usually has 10 reformers available, they might have to limit the number of people in class to 5 so that everybody has ample space to socially distance for their indoor workout.

strapilates smaller class size for pilate studios


Variable Class Times

Studios may have to change the start of class times to allow ample time to clean the shared studio spaces like the lobby or bathrooms. Studios may also shorten the duration of classes to allow for proper cleaning. Check the studio’s updated schedule before you sign up.

Adjusted pilates schedules
New Class Requirements

Some studios are requiring you to purchase your own pilates straps to keep you safe from other people’s germs. The pilates straps are made of fabric and they can absorb sweat and germs during workouts so many studios are recommending you bring your own to class. Personal pilates straps can be purchased online. Prices vary from $30-$75 a pair.

Strapilates personal pilates loops

 Keep in mind that your local studio will be keeping up with the ever changing state guidelines, so check your emails for studio updates as things begin to re-open.

Stay healthy and remember to breathe and relax your shoulders!

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