What Do You Need For Pilates Class?

what to bring to pilates class

Here are 3 tips to get you ready for your first pilates class!

The best way to get prepared for your first pilates class is to visit the studio's website. All studios have different policies for various reasons so don't assume that they all have the same rules, especially when you are traveling.

The most common studio requirements are grip socks, personal pilates straps, and water bottles. Let's take a deep dive into these 3 areas.

what to bring to pilates class

1. Grip Socks

Some studios will require your feet to be covered during class and some studios will give you the option to be barefoot. This usually comes down the local health codes so just double check the studio website before you head to class. Grip socks also prevent you from slipping and sliding during certain exercises, so even if a studio doesn't require them, they are a good investment for your regular pilates practice

2. Personal Pilates Straps

This is a more recent trend and it is meant to protect you from germs. If you are new to pilates, you will soon learn that pilates can get sweaty and if your hands or feet sweat a lot, the fabric on the straps will absorb that sweat. To avoid sweat from strangers in the class before you, you can just bring your own straps to class. There are 2 types of straps, single loops and double loops. Check with your studio for the type that they use.

3. Water Bottles

Some studios will sell water and other studios will require you to bring your own water to class. To avoid getting to class and not having water to get you through, it is a good rule to always bring your own water to class. Choose a water bottle that won't spill and stay hydrated during your session.

Let me know how your first class went! 

What else do you want to know about Pilates?

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